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Working with COVID-19

In this current business paradigm, all employers are considering how to keep their people working safely and effectively. WFH is frequently the preference, and that’s how I plan to offer my services for the next few months.

For many years, I’ve been delivering “desk top” remuneration advice, such as market practice reviews that are based on organisation dimensions, industry type and job descriptions. Naturally, this advice will continue – but how can remuneration consulting services be offered without meeting business leaders?

Reward strategy & remuneration management
Unlike some HR (P&C) services, I’ve always found that good remuneration outcomes are based on documentary evidence and sound data analysis. In particular, all remuneration programs should cascade from a Board approved Business Strategy – for example:

  • Business Strategy and goals are the basis for…
  • A supporting reward strategy, founded on the organisation’s approach to how the Business Strategy should be executed, which is the basis for…
  • The development of remuneration programs, complemented by the senior executives’ interpretation of preferred organisation culture, including:
    • The design of a base pay structure, in consideration of market pay rates and the senior executives’ interpretation of relative work value and business conditions, and
    • The design of incentive plans to focus employees (WFH or not) on the things most important to ongoing business success.

Distilling over 30 years of consulting experience with a wide range of organisations, I have developed executive questionnaires that will document much of the information required to formulate an effective reward strategy, and help develop the best remuneration programs, including base pay structures and incentive plans.

Of course, some document exchanges and personal interactions are necessary, but I’ve found that videoconferencing services, such as Zoom, are very effective in developing all outcomes. Likewise, remote learning of the new remuneration programs can be conducted using Zoom.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance in the coming months – and please stay safe, wherever you need to be.

Simon Hare

HaRe Group