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Although the financial environment has changed since these newsletters were written, the advice is often still valid.

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18 November 2014  –  Don’t burn great employees with a promotion   “In your organisation, what’s the highest pay level that employees can reach before they become supervisors?  Do you have “top expert” positions that don’t require people to manage others?” … read more

23 September 2014  –  Why incentives go wrong and how to get their benefits back  “Remuneration surveys prove the high prevalence of incentive pay for many employees;  but do incentive plans always meet their objectives?  Almost certainly not” … read more

22 August 2014  –  Don’t read this if you’re happy with your remuneration system  “… If you’re unhappy, this could be for any of the following reasons (and more) – each situation could be sufficient justification for junking your remuneration system and starting afresh.”… read more

18 November 2014  –  Bracing for the Budget Bump   “This week, many employees will be considering the forthcoming:  Higher fuel costs;  Higher medical costs;  Higher education costs for their children, and always the CPI (chugging along at almost 3% per annum).  To fend off these incoming bumps, what can these employees look forward to?” … read more

30 January 2014  –  Remuneration scorecard   “After a busy year (or three?), it really helps to take stock of your remuneration management programs ….  In my experience, the following scorecard has been useful to many employers (large or small) in eliminating remuneration problems that are often employee sore points.” … read more


25 October 2013  –  Executive bonus bonanza – boost or brake.   “At this time of the year, AGMs attract a lot of attention for their directors’ remuneration reports .. …. if a company’s financial targets are not met, then any executive bonuses based on “vague” criteria are good reason for putting the brakes on (voting against) the remuneration report.” … read more

19 August 2013  –  Career levels for a better business.   “There are many situations that demand changes to the way an organisation does its business …. a workforce change, large or small ….. should include the refinement of career levels” … read more

1 July 2013  –  Greed is NOT good.   “Do you expect performance-based incentives to improve business results?  Instead, are your employees given bonuses just because of an industry norm?  In most organisations, the reality a mix of both … “ … read more

28 May 2013  –  Keeping talent during a business change..   “Think about the last significant change to your business.  Was there a change of strategy?  Was there a reorganisation?  Was there a merger, or acquisition, or divestment?  As a consequence, did you lose any talented people that you needed?” … read more


4 October 2012  –  When pay review outcomes fail expectations.   “Most employers would agree that……there is often difficulty in managing employees’ expectations and dealing with their angst over the outcomes.” … read more

22 June 2012  –  Talent turnover tale.   “Will talented people leave your organisation?  In most companies, the reasons usually include……” … read more

16 February 2012  –  Is a buck in the hand worth two in the books?   “By this stage of the year, many people managers may be wondering: Did our 2011 bonus scheme actually work?”… read more


18 November 2011  –  Expect the best, plan for the worst.  “Continuing media reports of impending financial doom are focused on Europe – but what of the impact here in Australia?” … read more

27 July 2011 – Financial forecasts – fickle, fallacious, or fair. “Whatever the economic conditions, employers need to take a long-term view of their ability to attract and retain good people.” … read more

24 February 2011  –  Promotion pay planning.  “Australia’s bubbling economy and the relentless pursuit of talented people means that employers must be more responsive to remuneration challenges between annual reviews.” … read more


30 July 2010  –  Upswing testing talent retention.  “Your best performing people will be the most unsettled employees following a recession, so keeping your best people engaged has risen again as a major challenge.” … read more

25 February 2010  –  GFC keeps talent engaged.  “Goal Focused Compensation should be a key element in your talent management plan – but what is the right approach this year?” … read more

19 January 2010  –  How was your last pay review?  “For most organisations, a successful pay review system has a facility to create position bands and pay ranges specific to job families.” … read more


19 November 2009  –  Crisis? What Crisis?  “While business leaders wrestle with current conditions, most know from bitter experience that they must keep their best people engaged & prepared for a global economic recovery.” … read more

30 September 2009  –  Executive Remuneration – Productivity Commission Draft Report.  “Boards should retain their central role in reward management and not be undermined by binding shareholder votes on executive remuneration.” … read more

29 June 2009  –  Executive pay KISS’d  “Despite this increasing regulation of executive pay, employers should not be distracted from developing a suitable executive remuneration strategy.” … read more

31 March 2009  –  Tough Remuneration Planning.  “It is clear that many employers want to avoid the catastrophes of previous recessions when most companies slugged all employees with a pay freeze.” … read more


10 December 2008  –  Talent navigation through a financial crisis.  “A strategic effort to engage employees during a business transformation will stimulate a more productive work environment and help ensure the future success of the organisation.” … read more

31 October 2008  –  Executive Pay Reality Check.  “With so many executive share options now underwater, there will be many remuneration committees that are tempted to cancel their options plans and establish replacement plans with a far lower strike price.” … read more

6 October 2008  –  Recognition ammunition.  “All recognition programs must be seen to be well managed and fully consistent with company values.” … read more

30 May 2008  –  Talent Management Priority.  “Global research by McKinsey clearly shows that competition for talent is still a huge concern for most companies over the next five years.” … read more

14 February 2008  –  Remuneration satisfaction.  “Our Remuneration Planning System provides a secure and streamlined solution to employee pay reviews and will quantify the risk of pay anomalies.” … read more


29 October 2007  –  Keeping your best people.  “Without question, a huge challenge for many employers is keeping a good hold onto their best employees especially when 3 out of 4 employees want to be headhunted for a better job.”… read more

31 August 2007  –  Rewarding global talent.  “Given Australias demographic profile and our ever increasing skills shortage, a long term strategy for global recruitment is becoming critical.” … read more

14 June 2007  –  Whipping performance appraisals into line.  “Performance appraisal is sometimes seen as the whipping post of the Human Resources function.” … read more

24 April 2007  –  Market remuneration update.  “A concern of many company boards is how to offer and deliver variable rewards that will be a performance incentive and not cost the company a fortune.” … read more

19 February 2007  –  Remuneration planning in volatile markets.  “Volatility in market pay rates is a significant challenge for many Australian employers.” … read more


8 November 2006  –  Solutions for keeping & stimulating talent.  “The heads of many successful companies have often said that their best employees are most responsible for generating business value, or creating their competitive advantage.” … read more

17 October 2006  –  Merger money matters.  “Market surveys generally show that the greatest concern of merging companies is retaining their best people.” … read more

29 September 2006  –  Remuneration Planning.  “Having a Reward Strategy and Remuneration Planning System (RPS), helps minimise the stress of reviews and talent retention would generally improve.” … read more

19 July 2006  –  Risks in Rewards.  “Successful incentive plans have several common attributes, including self funding, objective performance measures that are relevant to employees, transparent communications and meaningful award.” … read more

9 May 2006  –  Perform or perish.  “Changing global market conditions will require local companies to put far greater focus on people performance.” … read more

3 March 2006  –  What reward strategy.  “A properly executed, well communicated reward strategy will make a significant contribution to attracting, motivating and retaining talented employees.” … read more

5 February 2006 –  Executive bonus flood.  “With a properly aligned reward strategy in place, most companies will benefit from short-term incentive plans that do more than share company profit.” … read more


5 December 2005  –  Update on Top CEO pay.  “CEO remuneration is becoming more consistent with company share value.” … read more

27 October 2005  –  Talent quest.  “Keeping your people focused on business objectives requires a blend of ‘ingredients’ that go beyond good remuneration.” … read more

1 September 2005  –  Branding, or Big Bucks.  “An executive’s decision to stay with Company A or move to Company B will be influenced, in varying degrees, by employment branding, including pay opportunities.” … read more

15 August 2005 – Rewarding talent …and something about “shuttle” science. “To design and implement an effective reward framework, all remuneration & recognition programs must have a strategic foundation.” … read more

2 June 2005  –  Talent retention strategy… or a pay bonanza?  “Australian employers are continually challenged by the need to attract and retain the best people.” … read more

6 May 2005  –  Keeping your best people.  “Keeping the best employees on board is often quoted as a critical business objective – most employers recognise the great cost of losing good people.” … read more

31 March 2005  –  Executive & professional pay update.  “Expats have little incentive to come home.”… read more

21 February 2005  –  Executive & professional pay update.  “Investment bankers are enjoying one of the best bonus seasons.” … read more


16 November 2004  –  Executive pay update.  “There is a growing correlation between company size and CEO remuneration.” … read more

19 October 2004  –  Executive pay update.  “Better disclosure of executive remuneration is helping explain how and why executives receive as much as they do.” … read more

14 October 2004  –  Total rewards for talented people.  “A holist ‘total rewards’ approach will contribute greatly to engaging quality people and building competitive advantage.” … read more

12 August 2004  –  Executive pay update.  “Executives are more likely to be recognised for their strategic achievements when shareholder returns improve.” … read more

7 July 2004  –  Executive pay update.  “Governance regulations and guidelines in the media spotlight.” … read more

3 June 2004  –  Executive pay update.  “The importance of pay for performance is growing.” … read more

4 May 2004  –  Executive pay update.  “Regulation pressure lifts pay rates.” … read more

27 April 2004  –  Incentives from well-earned rewards.  “A well-designed variable pay plan will provide employees with an incentive to perform better.” … read more

10 March 2004  –  Executive pay update.  “The Government’s corporate law reform package is being debated over the next two weeks.” … read more

3 February 2004  –  Executive pay update.  “More media excitement about the exit packages paid to departing executives.” … read more

28 January 2004  –  Don’t expect what you don’t measure.  “In our ever expanding marketplace, a successful business must keep increasing returns to its stakeholders.” … read more


13 October 2003  –  Executive pay update.  “The Age’s Business Roundtable report.” … read more

7 October 2003  –  The People Factory.  “Dr John F Welsh has set many successful management standards.” … read more

21 August 2003  –  Not rocket science, just good business sense.  “Aligning reward with business needs – a holistic view.” … read more

15 July 2003  –  Microsoft incentive sea change.  “Microsoft has sent a shock through the technology sector by announcing the replacement of its employee stock option plan.” … read more

5 June 2003  –  Cash equity peanuts.  “BRW provides a useful update for HR professionals.” … read more

5 May 2003  –  Building competitive advantage.  “Why do so many organisations tend to copy ‘best HR practice’ benchmarks.” … read more

2 April 2003  –  Corporate governance.  “ASX Corporate Governance Council published a set of 10 principles for good governance.” … read more

25 March 2003  –  Fuel for business success.  “What do CEOs believe to be most important in driving business success.” … read more

16 February 2003  –  World class remuneration.  “BRW comments on high executive rewards while company performance falters.” … read more


12 December 2002  –  Death of the Christmas bonus.  “In many Australian companies, the tradition of paying a uniform Christmas bonus is fading.” … read more

13 November 2002  –  Show us how to get the money.  “BOSS magazine 2002 Salary Survey.” … read more

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