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The RPS application will design your market-based salary structure1 and establish an employee pay review system that will help to minimise employment costs and improve employee engagement.

We provide cost effective solutions for smaller, homogenous companies, as well as for larger, more complex organisations. The RPS is a remuneration software bundle that can handle a routine salary review process, or provide a comprehensive system to analyse and assess all elements of remuneration and benefits in a global organisation. All users can simultaneously make their decisions based on individual employee performance & pay levels within the available budget.

The backbone of the RPS is a market-based salary range for every employee. Remuneration budgets, relative performance and individual compa ratios are combined to propose how fast an employee should move up his/her pay range. This approach is widely accepted as good (cost effective) remuneration management. Click here to see how market leaders manage remuneration.

The common components of the RPS are outlined in the following chart:

Remuneration Planning System (RPS)

Each Band in the remuneration structure is anchored to market salary rates distinguished by job family & location. Each job family is given a pay range spread to match the nature of your business. The RPS also guides your pay review decisions by providing a fair and accurate comparison of employees' pay and their performance to "market relevant" pay ranges.

We offer a cost effective modular solution to multi-user remuneration management.

The Remuneration Planning System software can be installed with a nucleus of modules that are essential to all organisations. The key features of the RPS nucleus include fully integrated processes to:

  • Select your benchmark positions from a comprehensive database already aligned to common survey jobs within common job families;
  • Align your benchmarks to unlimited market survey data from multiple sources of your choice;
  • Adjust market pay rates for survey age and your remuneration review cycle;
  • Specify a market target pay rate and a range spread percentage for each job family;
  • Construct remuneration ranges for bands of positions, by job family;
  • Upload, analyse and model your employees' remuneration & performance data;
  • Construct a remuneration budget for all employees;
  • Quantify the risk of anomalies - in particular, low paid/ high performing employees;
  • Provide secure on-line access to managers throughout your organisation, filtered so each manager will only see his/her employees;
  • Allow simultaneous multi-user decision making on individual pay settings using true pay & performance relativities;
  • Automate the submission of recommendations to up-line managers;
  • Monitor actual outcomes against your remuneration budget;
  • Generate exception reports for executive review;
  • Calculate salary increases for export to your payroll system.

Several RPS software modules can be added individually to suit the needs of larger, more complex organisations. For example, there are modules to:

  • Diagnose your business environment and guide your market pay alignment & elasticity policies;
  • Add bespoke benchmark positions and job families;
  • Create and share a master file for benchmark position descriptions;
  • Evaluate and delineate unlimited positions throughout your organisation;
  • Differentiate market-based salary structures by location;
  • Manage multinational locations using global market data and a currency exchange rate facility;
  • Construct separate remuneration budgets for each division, business unit and function;
  • Present charts of actual employees' pay levels against band midpoints, by job family and country;
  • Manage incentive plans for participating employees (subject to customisation).

Whichever modules you include, the RPS will provide a streamlined and robust solution to remuneration planning and your employee pay reviews. Forget about the problems caused by disseminating and merging erroneous worksheets - the RPS delivers an on-line, real time, market-based salary review system that consolidates all decision making.

Other leading-edge features of the RPS software include:

  • Operating the RPS within a corporate intranet, wide area network and VPN (installed on your network server using Microsoft .NET (C#) and an MSDE / SQL Server Express database)
  • The cRPS, an alternate version that operates in the cloud and will allow users to securely logon via web-based public facilities
  • Live entry screens in simple worksheet formats in all RPS modules
  • Importing and exporting unlimited market data and all employee records from/to Excel worksheets
  • Immediate access to common databases by all users in real time
  • A secure ID and password for every user that allows variable access and edit capabilities
  • Restricting major database changes to the RPS Administrator
  • Recording the activity of users and limiting actual pay variations within agreed budgets - all changes to the live database can be seen instantly
  • Saving all "Pay Review" parameters - ie. all enduring data will roll forward into a the next Pay Review.

Implementation support is available to all clients.

For a demonstration of how the RPS may be applied to your particular salary review requirements, please contact Simon Hare directly by using our inquiry form.

1 In a 2016 WorldatWork survey, more than 80% of respondents used market-based salary structures; over 70% had more than one salary structure in place (over half had 5 or more structures); 60% adjusted their salary structures every year